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Who are stakeholders ?

Stakeholder is a person or a cohort or an organisation having an interest in the system. It could be anybody who invests in the project or who has to operate the project or who is going to benefit from the project . However, it’s subjective to choose whom to select to fill the community of stakeholders. If the Architect chooses too widely then he/she may receive too many conflicting requirements and would end up in analysis paralysis.

  • Identification of stakeholders and their concerns.
  • A definition corresponding to each architectural view point.
  • An architectural view and modals for each of the viewpoints.
  • Rationale behind each of the architectural design decisions made.

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  1. Cue
  2. Craving

What is attribute driven design ?

Attribute driven design is a design process developed by SEI by basing the design process on the quality attibutes requirements. It’s an iterative method that at each iteration architect do the following.

  • Choose a part of system to design
  • Marshall all architecturally significant requirements of that part.
  • Create and test a design for that part.

Inputs to the design

Before beginning the design , it will require all requirements — fuctional,quality and constraints to be available. However in reality it will never be the case.

What is a product line architecture ?

Software Engineering Institute defines software product line architecture as

Tactics for performance

At any instant during period after event arrives in the system before it’s completed either system is working on the event or blocked on some resource for…

  1. What can change ? — A change can happen to any aspect of the system
  2. What is the likelihood of the change ? — One can’t plan for all the change but make some tough decisions about which changes most likely and plan for it.
  3. When is the change made and who makes it ? …


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